ASOT Student Fieldwork Experience Evaluation
Exit Survey
Absolutely!  Welcome ASOT Student! You are invited to participate in the Level II Student Evaluation of Fieldwork Experience (SEFWE). This survey asks questions about your fieldwork experience. It will take approximately [30-60] minutes to complete. Completion of this survey is required for your grade to be entered into Web Adviser on time.

Your opinions are very important. Your answers to the questions in this survey will provide essential feedback to the Academic Fieldwork Director, the faculty, and other students within ASOT. Because your completed SEFWE will be uploaded to this Level II fieldwork agency's file, your professional appraisal of your experience (positive and constructive) is necessary. If you have questions at any time about this survey, please contact Dr. Leslie Reed at [606-202-3307] or by email at

Directions: Please complete this SEFWE and review its results with your Fieldwork Educator prior to departure from this fieldwork agency. You will be given the option to print a copy of this survey for you to give to your Fieldwork Educator and for your own records. No paper copies are required to be submitted to Dr. Reed for the completion of this course.

Thank you very much for your time. Please start with the survey now by clicking on the Continue button below.